Studio 3125 is more than a showroom, it is a culture, and after almost 10 years in development, we are ready to present our concept to the world. I have spent my career in the construction industry, building and finishing and moving on to the next project. Within recent years I’ve been yearning for something more, something intangible; from the craftsmanship, to the finished project, the end user has been compromised in the interest of short cuts and cost cuts. To break the cycle, I opened Studio 3125. It’s no secret that Italy and Germany are two countries in the world that stand out from their peers in engineering integrity and beauty, but other than automobiles and clothing, their more ubiquitous products in Europe are little known here. Approximately 10 years ago, I went to New York City to find an architecture firm that could help me get a couple construction projects off the ground; what I uncovered was a relationship that would form the foundation of Studio 3125.  Caimi & Asnaghi is a comprehensive design workshop located in Meda, Italy, specializing in both residential and commercial architecture. C&A has been progressively increasing their presence in the United States, and through our first few projects together, we decided to form a partnership to conceptualize, design, and source European concepts to builders, designers, architects, and the end user here in America. To be clear, Studio 3125 is not a middle-man who piles markup on top of markup, from Italy to New York to Arizona. Studio 3125 is a direct sourcing agent; through our office in Milan we deliver products direct from the European manufacturer to our warehouse and distribution facility in Tempe, Arizona. With the majority of our suppliers we have exclusive North American distribution rights, so your product is delivered direct to you, with no middle men, and it’s not available anywhere else in the US. We are always looking for the best product, and the United States has some fantastic tradesmen and manufacturers. For this reason we also distribute cutting edge material from our domestic suppliers. We strive for balance in the finished product, and this requires balance from our suppliers; regardless of where the product originates, we want to bring the best product to you. You could say we’re a laboratory, constantly brewing up new ideas for products and the spaces they occupy. We thrive in analyzing old ideas to bring a fresh perspective, and in appropriating new functions to a once useless space. It’s the creative process that inspires us and drives us every day. No two days are the same with our vision or our products. Studio 3125 was never intended to be about the kitchen itself, or the bathroom itself, or the couch itself; although taken from the abstract, it may appear that way. Rather, Studio 3125 is meant to be about the architectural concept itself. It is the space that has always intrigued us: to understand form and function, and then to design an environment around simply clean products to generate the greatest impact physically and emotionally. Beginning with our artisans and suppliers, through our architects and designers, Studio 3125 can execute all phases of a construction project. Whether a new build or a remodel, we can bring your architectural concept to a reality.