Since December 2005 Palladio Materials has been established as a result of the far seeing idea of its three Italian shareholders.

The main purpose of Palladio Materials Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw, is to bring the world-wide recognized Italian taste, touch and beautiful materials in a fast developing country as Poland.

The Company is mainly involved in the distribution and installation of the most elegant and innovative design products particularly addressed to the most specific demanding clients throughout the whole Polish territory. Amongst those products a particular emphasis is given to finishing materials such as marbles, granites, travertine, onyxes, slates and all sorts of natural stones.


The Company carries out its business on the basis of the following three sales channels:

1. Architects/Project managers/interior and exterior designers;

2. Developers, general constructors and any building company operating in the Polish real estate industry; and

3. Retail through our show-rooms placed in very attractive areas of Warsaw. Such show rooms are mostly used to organize events dedicated to the above mentioned Architects/Project managers/interior designers as well as retail shop).

Primarily, Palladio Materials develops point above contacting directly and visiting important architects firms along the whole Polish territory. Palladio Materials firmly believes that the future of the natural stone industry as well as the rest of its innovative products lies in the ability of transmitting full knowledge and passion for its products to architects and young designers as well as their clients.

For such purpose, Palladio Materials has employed several sales representatives who are constantly involved in the visits of architects as well as big whole sale distributors. The architect is, therefore, deemed as the vehicle to get in contact with big and medium sized property developers. 

Point ii) above may be, then, carried out by means of important reciprocal sale and purchase agreements (so called “Barter Agreements”) entered into between Palladio Materials and the property developing companies. The real estate purchased with the use of Barter Agreements are then managed by another company also belonging to the same shareholders of Palladio Materials.

Most of the current customers related to Palladio Materials are also customers of a third company belonging to the same group of shareholders which has been carrying out its business in Poland for over 15 years following the same strategies of sale. (“Elettronica-Italiana” or “El-It”: “). El-It is still currently involved in the production and distribution of design electrical and illuminating components.