“In cooperation with our partners in Italy, helping to design and deliver the lighting of sports facilities . We carry all kinds of objects , ranging from multi- sports halls, through the speedway tracks , swimming pools , gyms , tennis courts, golf courses , skating rinks, ski slopes and ending with the full-sized football stadiums. In our offer we also have street lighting and parks. As with sports facilities – design and supply products . We carry out road from the municipal , county to international expressways and motorways. In addition, design and supply lighting for industrial facilities , using modern lighting 3F Filippi . In our offer you can also find products Quattrobi , Buzzi & Buzzi which are dedicated for commercial lighting ( boutiques, shops , commercial space ) , lighting, private facilities ( villas, household surfaces ). We offer lighting fixtures for outdoor areas such as parking lots , airports , parks and more. Our offer also includes interior lighting and emergency lighting.”