Elit Inc. was established to bring the best in global design to North America. We represent excellence in “Materials, Lighting & Design” from Italy, Europe, and beyond.
Elit believes in dreams; ours is to expand peoples’ horizons, to share with them the beauty and limitless possibilities that arise when good design and fine craftsmanship meet.



We believe that to be successful in a high competitive market such as New York and the United States, the only strategy to undertake is to be DIFFERENT.

For Elit different means finding companies that are able to offer standardized products with high quality and advanced technological content featuring innovative design and most importantly, flexible manufacturing capabilities able to offer complete customization options of their catalogue.

This is our vision, to propose to Architects, General Contractors, Designers and end users the possibility to use their own design and apply it to our brands and know-how.



Our mission is to communicate the story and concept behind each product; highlighting the passion and the maniacal precision used by our craftsmen.

Most importantly we want to share our concept of design: technological, beautiful, useful, and unique.

You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”

ELIT inc. decided to start from this simple concept its experience in the USA market.

Our team is not afraid of challenges on the way to achieve Excellence, and to satisfy the dreams and visions of our customers.